Final Days in Florida

(NOTE: Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. Several things have distracted me, but I will try to do better.)

After all the grandkids left, we had about two weeks left of our time in Florida. Where did the time go?!

First on our agenda was recuperating from the previous two weeks full of grandkid fun. πŸ˜‚ We spent our remaining time in FL rearranging the new RV, relaxing around the pool, playing bocce ball, and doing whatever we decided to do at the last minute.

One of our last days at Rainbow RV Resort, we attended the park’s Camper Appreciation Day. There were all kinds of games to play and fun things in which to participate. Every time you joined in the fun, you got a ticket to put in for the drawing of prizes at the end of the day (there were some REALLY nice prizes!). You got a ticket even if you didn’t win; winners usually got two tickets. They also provided a nice dinner. After dinner, they draw tickets for the prizes. We did not win anything. 😞 Oh, well, we DID have a lot fun!

Back in January, I had discovered that another high school girl friend was also in Florida. After communicating through social media, I discovered her and her husband (also from my high school) were full time RVers like us! We were shocked to find out that the RV parks each of us were staying at were just a 45 minute drive apart. We met the first time for lunch at a town that was half way between both parks. We had a wonderful visit and talked as if we had last seen each other yesterday instead of 48 years ago! We made plans to visit again. We visited at their RV park first, and then they came over to our RV park. We really enjoyed catching up, sharing RV and travel ideas, and laughing about old times.

A couple of days before we headed north, we got together with our dear friends, Connie and Bill. We met them in Kissimmee which was about halfway between where they live and where we were starting. They traveled to Kissimmee by Sun Rail Train, and we drove there. Kissimmee is a lovely town with a wonderful downtown area just a couple of blocks from the railroad station. There are a lot of restaurants with outside seating. It was a PERFECT day with sunshine and moderate temperatures. As you can see, we even brought our little dog, Zoey. It was a great time for all!

April 1st arrived before we knew it. It was time to head north. Next post will be about our first stop on our journey back to Missouri.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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