Fun Day Monday!

Before I tell you about the FUN DAY we had on MONDAY, I’ll give you quick overview of our super busy Tuesday:

Tuesday, November 28, was a day of chores.  We found a DIY doggie wash, so we took our little Miss Zoey there and gave her a bath.  We always gave her baths when we were living in a house, but in the RV, it’s a lot more difficult.  Anyway, she did fine and everyone there thought she was SO cute.  When we got home, we grabbed a quick sandwich and some fruit for lunch.

Then it was off to the laundromat to do laundry.  On the way home from the laundromat, we stoppped by the local grocery store and bought a couple of steaks.  After that, back at the RV, we set up outside (temperature that afternoon was around 74 degrees ☺️) and I groomed Zoey.  I used the clippers to trim her body hair and my new dog scissors to trim around her paws, tail, and ears.  Her face is another story.  She HATES the scissors coming close to her face; mainly she hates it when they come close to her eyes (I can’t say I blame her).  She usually fights Jack and me pretty hard, but today she wasn’t too bad.  I’m not as good as Miss Frankie at Pretty Paws Parlor in Bloomfield, MO, but here’s a picture of her after her hair cut:


After all that, we put away the laundry, put the sheets back on the bed, and fixed supper.  We had grilled steaks, baked potatoes, and salad.  The steaks were delicious!  Jack just HAD to take a picture and text it to some friends of ours.



Monday morning we drove a little over an hour to Plano, TX.  We had a special place we wanted to visit.  This place is known worldwide and has a unique place in the entertainment culture of this country, as well as many countries around the world.  This TV show is notorious for one of the biggest “cliff hangers” ever, and everyone was talking about that cliff hanger all summer long —  in reality they kept us in suspense for EIGHT long agonizing months until the fourth episode of the fourth season!  Here’s a little hint:


YEP!  You guessed it!  We visited Southfork Ranch where all the outside scenes of the TV show DALLAS were shot!



It is a beautiful ranch even in the late fall/winter when the grass is brown.  I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in the springtime when the grass is green.  There are several barns, smaller houses, pastures, and the rodeo area where they shot all the rodeo scenes when Dusty Farlow and Sue Ellen were together.



I won’t bore you with ALL the outside pictures I took (Believe me! It was A LOT!).  Here’s something I didn’t know:  This is not the original house/ranch that the first five episodes were filmed at.  The series was only supposed to be five episodes long; like a little weekly mini-series beginning on April 2, 1978.  By the fifth week, the show ranked in the top ten of the week’s most watched shows.  The producers and “big wigs” at CBS decided to approve thirteen more scripts and Season One began the next full season.  When the owners of the original ranch where they were filmed the first three episodes were approached about extending the filming at their home into a regular series, they said “No.”  I bet they regret that decision now!  The producers were forced to find another ranch in the Dallas area.  They used a helicopter to do an aerial search and eventually found Southfork (that’s where they got the idea for the helicopter flying around for the opening of the show!).  The show ran for thirteen years, and, as they say….”The rest is entertainment history!”

The house was built by Joe Duncan and his wife in 1970 and was named Duncan Acres.  Their plan was to raise quarter horses on the ranch which was originally 200 acres.  The house they built was 5,900 sq. ft. with a 957 sq. ft. enclosed garage. Exterior scenes for the show were shot at the ranch from 1978 to 1989,  The agreement was that the Duncans would remain living in their home and interior scenes would be shot back at studio sets in L.A.  The show became so popular, and one day during an interview, a talk show host let slip the location of the ranch.  Soon after that Mrs. Duncan came home to people unknown to her swimming in her pool, paparazzi all around, and their lives changed forever.  An investor (I don’t remember the man’s name) bought the ranch and turned it into a tourist attraction.  He eventually went broke and had to sell it.  A dear friend of Linda Gray’s (she played Sue Ellen) purchased the ranch. It is not only a tourist attraction now but an event center as well.  In 1989 the show’s production shifted entirely to the studio sets built in California.

The inside of the house is nothing like the inside we saw on the television series.  Although the house is big (5,900 sq. ft.), it is not as big as the studio sets of the interior of the house led the viewers to believe.  However, it is a very eloquent house in it’s own right.  Here are a few pictures of the interior (the house is now decorated for Christmas):

The dining room:


Miss Ellie’s kitchen:


The living room:


The bar just off the living room:


Miss Lucy’s bedroom:


Bobby and Pam’s bedroom:


And believe it or not, there is only ONE bedroom upstairs in this house.  The TV series led us to believe all the bedrooms were upstairs.  When the Duncans built the house the only bedroom upstairs was the master bedroom and master bathroom.  So this is the upstairs bedroom – technically JR’s bedroom:



The master bathroom was gorgeous but my pictures aren’t very good and I guess I didn’t take enough of them.  Mrs. Duncan was short, so her sink was lower than Mr. Duncan’s.  Back in 1970 they were one of the first to have two shower heads in their walk-in shower.  They each had their own toilet rooms (because Mrs. Duncan did NOT like Mr. Duncan leaving the toilet seat up!), and hers even had a bidet.  I’m just sorry I didn’t get more pics of the bathroom.


This is the view from the balcony off the master bedroom upstairs.


The front door/entryway and staircase:


There is another bedroom downstairs that I haven’t told you about yet.  Down the hall after Lucy’s and Bobby’s bedrooms, on the left there is another bedroom.  The hall was painted a very dark gray and this bedroom was used to film a scene in the reboot series of DALLAS that ran from 2012 to 2014.  If you were a DALLAS fan, you’ll remember the scene in Mexico where JR set up his murder.  That Mexican hotel room scene was set up at Southfork and filmed here.  If you look closely, you can see the outline of JR’s body on the floor.  Here is that bedroom:


At the ranch, they even had the actual car that the character Jock Ewing drove in the show preserved in a plexiglass storage garage:


I have more pictures but don’t want to bore you.  I will tell you that the museum was also very interesting with lots of memorabilia from the show, videos running of cast interviews, scripts signed by cast members, the saddles they used when riding horses on the show, and much, much more.  Here are a few pictures of the museum:

Of course, they had life-sized cardboard pictures of the main characters:





The saddles (from closest to farthest away): Larry Hagman’s, Linda Gray’s, Patrick Duffy’s and Victoria Principal’s:


And, finally, the “piece de resistance” is ………..


YEP!!  The actual stage gun used by the character Kristen to shoot JR at the end of Season 3 for one of the most jaw-dropping, “who done it” cliffhangers in television history!  Did you know that ALL cast members were filmed shooting JR so that they would not even know who shot JR until the episode aired?

There is so much more to this tour, but you will just have to come down to Texas and see Southfork and hear all about it yourself.  You are allowed to walk all around the ranch and spend as much time as you like.  They even have horse rides around the ranch that you can take, but we didn’t have that much time and you have to make a reservation in advance.  We had a great time touring Southfork and the weather was a little windy but absolutely beautiful.


So for now …… “On The Road Again!”


Summer Fun: June – Part 2

Early in June our family got together for a short vacation in Branson, Missouri.  To see Part 1 of Summer Fun click here.

After such a wonderful day at Silver Dollar City, how could Saturday top that?  Well, it did.  We played in the morning, went to my nephew’s wedding in the afternoon at Nixa, MO, ate supper with some family, and returned to Branson to play putt-putt golf that evening.

Saturday morning we all slept in except for the little ones.  They are early-risers…..every. single. day (their poor mom!).  Saturday morning Jade wanted to go shopping and spend some of her birthday money, so her mom took her.   Our youngest son decided to take the two little ones to ride go-carts and bumper boats, so my hubby and I tagged along.  It was a nice, cool morning and lots of fun.

Jackson and Kylee ready to get this race started!

Jackson and Kylee ready to get this race started!

All a board!

All a board!

Then Mike wanted to take the kids on the “big” go-carts, however, they HAD to ride with a grown-up.  When asked who they wanted to ride with, Jackson immediately requested, “Daddy!”  When Kylee was asked who she wanted to ride with her, she looked at Papa and said, “I love you Papa, but I want Nana to ride with me.”  LOL!  😀  I told my husband, “Sorry,” but inside I was doing the Happy Dance and saying, “Oh, YES!!”  Therefore, the husband took some videos, but since I haven’t learned how to upload videos to Word Press yet, I just took some “snap shots” from the videos.

Mike & Jax (foreground) were in front of Kylee and I (background).

Mike & Jax (foreground) were in front of Kylee and I (background).

Kylee and I never caught up with Mike and Jax, but the kids had a blast (“big” kids included)!



After lunch in the condo, we got ready to travel north of Branson to Nixa, MO, for our nephew’s wedding.  It was such a sweet ceremony and a beautiful outside reception.  The weather was gorgeous, and the reception area was decorated in a shabby-chic setting befitting a magazine layout.


The kids and grand kids enjoying the outside reception.

The kids and grand kids enjoying the outside reception.

The parents of the groom (Jack's sister, Carol, and Delano).

The parents of the groom (Jack’s sister, Carol, and Delano).

This setup provided fun photo ops for guests to enjoy.

This setup provided fun photo ops for guests to enjoy.

Jack's brother's daughter, Carin, and her daughter, Olivia.

Jack’s brother’s daughter, Carin, and her daughter, Olivia, enjoying a delicious cupcake.

My husband with his mom, Lil.

My husband with his mom, Lil.

Our oldest son, Jeff, with grandma.  As you can see, the outdoor country setting was beautiful.

Our oldest son, Jeff, with grandma. As you can see, the outdoor country setting was beautiful.

For more information about my nephew’s wedding (and more pictures), you can visit my sister-in-law’s awesome blog here.

After the wedding we went into the town of Nixa and ate dinner while enjoying some more time with family.  Jack’s mom couldn’t resist showing off her St. Louis Cardinals World Series ring  that she managed to have sent to her.  If you want the FULL story (you WON’T believe it!) on that ring, you’ll have to ask my husband next time you see him!


When we returned to Branson, we decided to play putt-putt golf (how can you go to Branson without playing putt-putt?!).  We had fun but didn’t get pictures (DUH!).  Jeff did snap this pic of us at the top of the “Volcano” hole.


Jennifer, Mike, and I tied for first place.  A decision was made that the person with the most holes in one would be the winner — ME!!!  I had THREE (YES! I said THREE) holes in one!   Did I forget to mention that I made that decision?  After we finished playing putt-putt, we checked in our clubs and told the guy about our 3-way tie and my being declared the winner because of my 3 holes in one.  He asked on what holes we got our holes in one, and we told him.  That evening if you got a hole in one on #8, you got a free game.  Guess who got a hole in one on #8?  YEP, me again!   I knew we wouldn’t be back to play before the coupon expired, so I passed the coupon on to a very surprised young man waiting in line to purchase his tickets.  I told him he had to “pay it forward” if he got a hole in one on #8.  I wonder if he got that hole in one?

Sunday was a “lazy” day. Our oldest had to fly out mid-afternoon from Branson Airport, LLC, southeast of downtown Branson outside of Hollister, MO.  This is an unusual commercial airport because it  is privately owned.  If your interested in learning more about it, click here.

Aerial view of Branson Airport, LLC, snuggled among the beautiful Ozark Mountains (Picture from Wikipedia).

Aerial view of Branson Airport, LLC, snuggled among the beautiful Ozark Mountains (Picture from Wikipedia).

Mike and his family wanted to go to the water park, which is an “all day” outing, and we knew we had to get Jeff to the airport by 2 p.m.  We told Mike and Jennifer to take the kids to the water park, and we would meet them for supper.  We spent some relaxing time with Jeff at Branson Landing in downtown Branson where we ate lunch outside by the river.


We texted this picture to Mike to make him jealous - he LOVES Joe's Crab Shack!  I know, we're awful parents!  lol  :)

We texted this picture to Mike to make him jealous – he LOVES Joe’s Crab Shack! I know, we’re awful parents! lol 🙂

The drive to the airport is beautiful.  On the way there, we had a little extra time, so we stopped at a country club house which had a view worthy of a camera much, much better than the camera on my iPhone.



Meanwhile, Mike, Jennifer, and the grand kids had tons of fun at the water park (wish I had more pictures of this).


We went back down to Branson Landing with Mike’s family for supper and the evening.  We ate pizza, shopped a little (did I forget to tell you there’s an outside mall at Branson Landing?), and watched the fountain show at dusk.

Waiting for the fountain show and watching some ducks t the outside mall.

Waiting for the fountain show and watching some ducks at the outside mall.

When grand kids get bored waiting, they resort to silliness.

When grand kids get bored waiting, they resort to silliness.

After the fountain show we left Branson Landing and went to Dick’s Oldtime Five and Dime store.  This store has been in business since 1961, and it is the MOST UNIQUE five and dime store I have ever seen.  They have merchandise I haven’t seen since I was a kid.   If you want to learn more, you can go to their Facebook page by clicking here.  Photos are from their Facebook page.

Dick's Old Time Five and Dime

Oh, yes, and they DO buy American whenever possible.

Oh, yes, and they DO buy American whenever possible.

Dick's Old Time Five and Dime 3

The evening was delightful.  We headed back to the condo to pack up and get ready to go home in the morning.   😦

The only good thing about leaving was the GRAND KIDS WERE COMING HOME WITH US!!  Be prepared for Summer Fun: June – Part 3 coming soon.

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