Winter in Florida

[NOTE: I am so sorry I have been negligent in my blogging. We just haven’t done much of anything very interesting. Now that Jack and I (along with MANY Americans!) have gotten our covid vaccines, we hope to get back to many more “sight-seeing” adventures as we travel.]


We arrived in Florida January 5th. Our plans were to stay until April 1st, but I’ll tell you about that in a later post.

We had reservations at Orange City RV Park, Orange City, FL. We chose this park for a couple of reasons: 1) It’s not too far south from where our oldest son lives; 2) It was near some friends of ours from Dexter, MO who moved to DeLand, FL, about the same time we started RVing.

The park itself was just ok. It’s an old park with very narrow roads. They are gradually upgrading the sites by pouring new, larger concrete pads.

We did the appropriate “stay away from people for several days” to make sure we hadn’t picked up any illnesses as we traveled. After we cleaned the coach, restocked our cabinets, did laundry, and relaxed for a few days, we were READY to visit our son and friends!

We visited with friends, ate meals together (we found a Mexican restaurant we loved called Mi Tierra), and enjoyed playing a new game called Sequence. When Jeff came down to visit, we taught him how to play that game, and he really loved it. We really didn’t do much more than visit, play games and eat out the whole winter.

However, Jeff has started giving “experience” gifts. He told us when we came to Florida this year he wanted to take each one of us separately to do something with just him. We loved that idea! We were to pick something we thought we might like to do.

I chose to go to a mystery dinner theater in Orlando called Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows. They perform a variety of hilarious mystery plays where the audience participates in figuring out “who dun it.”

During the play, the actors took breaks while one of the courses of the meal was served (the meal was delicious). At the end, each table had to decide who they thought committed the murder and then report their findings to the cast. The improvisation and ad lib during this part of the show was OUTSTANDING!

The whole experience was very nice and a memory I will cherish forever. On the way home, Jeff and I both admitted that we couldn’t remember the last time we laughed so much or so hard. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Jack decided he would like Jeff to take him on a tour of the Daytona International Speedway and Museum. Nowadays you have to have an appointment to tour the speedway, so they got an appointment and planned their visit.

The tour started out on an open air tour shuttle with a guide. They drove all the way around on the speedway. They were allowed off the shuttle on one of the turns to experience just how steep the 31 degree pitch is. They also stopped at the winner’s circle where flags outlined the area. Others stops were the infield and pit row. Their tour guide was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of interesting information about the track and racing.

After the shuttle tour, their guide dropped them off at the museum. Jack and Jeff toured the museum at their leisure where they saw this year’s winning car signed by the driver. They also saw race cars from different eras all signed by the drivers, photos, and all kinds of racing memorabilia accompanied with historical information.

After seeing the museum, Jack and Jeff left the speedway and headed to Daytona Beach. They had lunch at a beachside cafe and watched the waves roll in before heading back home to the RV.

A couple of nights before we were to leave Florida, Connie and I had tickets to a local theater (The Athens Theater) that was performing “Momma Mia.” The performance was very good as well as entertaining (no taking of photos was allowed during the performance).

The Athens Theater is in historic downtown DeLand. The theater was designed in 1921 with an Italian Renaissance style and opened its doors in January 1922. Originally a vaudeville house and silent movie palace, the Athens Theatre featured live stage shows by touring performers, as well as films of the day that were often accompanied by the theatre’s Wurlitzer Pipe Organ. Its history is quite detailed and a simple internet search will give you more information.

Here are a couple photos of the theater.

Just for fun – Here are our “kids,” Ricky and Lucy!

We had a wonderful time this past winter in Florida. We headed back north to Missouri April 1st to visit with family in the St. Louis and Springfield areas.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


RVing and the COVID-19 Virus: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I know that you all have probably thought that I have dropped off the end of the earth. It has been a long time since I posted anything. I am sorry about that.

This post will probably NOT be the most interesting post I’ve ever written. Therefore, I feel the need to occasionally post some “fun” photos for your viewing pleasure. πŸ˜‰

Ricky and Lucy are always playing.

When October 1st came around, we left our good friends, Darrell and Malia, in Wisconsin and headed back to Missouri. We spent about seven weeks in Missouri visiting family.

When the time came, many of the “guys” in the family met at the farm in Thayer for deer season. The wives had some much needed “down” time; well, at least I did! When you live in an RV, time alone is a rare, precious commodity. While in Missouri, we enjoyed time with our parents sharing meals, watching TV, and playing cards, of course!

This is the new, homemade deer stand. It is huge!

Look how BIG it is.

This is our grandson, Jackson, enjoying the deer stand’s protection from the cold wind.

While in the STL area, Ricky and Lucy were old enough to have their surgeries so there would be NO puppies. Of course, they had to wear the “cone of shame.” They actually did pretty good adjusting to the cones while still chasing each other around my dad’s house.

Around mid-November we headed south to Foley, Alabama (warmer weather). We chose Foley so we wouldn’t be too far away to return to see family for Christmas. Foley is about 10 miles from Gulf Shores, AL, and the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve been in this area several times before, so we really didn’t need to “go exploring.” We walked along the beach numerous times and had a relaxing time.

This COVID-19 virus thing has really changed the way people do their RV/camping now days. Everyone is cautious and stays at least six feet away. Five o’clock Happy Hour is not so happy anymore. Most places have indefinitely suspended planned, group activities. People are still very friendly, but it’s just NOT like it used to be.

I was beginning to think COVID had gotten the best of us all. However, with the first vaccines being given recently to healthcare workers, I think we can reach “herd immunity” sooner than later! There just might be light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I am happy to report that Jack and I have avoided this virus, and we hope and pray we can continue to do so. For the most part, all our family, on both sides, have been fortunate to avoid it. I’m sad to say that we’ve had friends who have gotten it. Some had SEVERE symptoms and will have a lengthy recovery time; others have not been so fortunate and have passed away. 😒 We have been greatly saddened by each call we have received informing us of COVID infections and deaths. May God help us all to stay healthy and get rid of this virus! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

We did make a “shortened” trip for Christmas Day. We went to Edmond, OK, to see our youngest son, his wife, and our grandkids. Our oldest son decided not to come because he would have to fly to get there. He didn’t want to risk being exposed to COVID on the plane and passing it on to us. Also, we did not make our usual “rounds” in Missouri because we didn’t want to risk exposing OUR 90+ year old parents if we picked up the virus. It was definitely an unusual Christmas. Here are some photos of Christmas Day.

Jade (left) and Kylee (right).

Jackson (in the background) and Mike’s wife, Jennifer (foreground).


Kylee and Finn, their little Maltese.


Our two sons: oldest, Jeff, is on the phone screen and youngest, Mike, is in the foreground.

Our annual family Christmas photo: COVID style!

On January 1st we headed to Florida in order to get further south, visit with some dear friends (after we isolated for the appropriate number of days), and see our oldest son. We will be here until April 1st. Hopefully, we will be doing some visits to outdoor places, so I can blog about them.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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