February and March in Florida – Part 1

Well, it’s been a busy two months in Florida. On February 1st we drove south to Frostproof, FL, to Rainbow RV Resort. This is a Sun RV Resort property and probably the NICEST RV park at which we’ve ever stayed. However, it was a little “pricey” and because we booked kind of “late” for the winter season, we didn’t have much choice. We have learned we MUST book reservations in FL for winter seasons EARLY!! You can see in these photos how nice this park truly is.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse. Canadian flag is on this side because there are SO MANY Canadians at this park.

The Clubhouse. The American flag (although you can’t see it very well) is on this side.

Bocce Ball is VERY popular here. It is fun game to play!

Pickle Ball courts. Another popular and fun game.

Back of the Clubhouse where there are mail boxes. This building also has restrooms with showers, laundry room, fitness center, and a room with pool tables. There are several swings like the one in this picture around the clubhouse.

Pool behind the Clubhouse. It has two hot tubs.

These are Petanque courts. It’s a French game played with balls and is somewhat complicated. We couldn’t find anyone to teach us how to play because it is not as popular here as Bocce Ball.


Shuffleboard courts.

One view from the Clubhouse.

We barely got our RV and campsite set up and people were stopping by welcoming us. Jack always asks what are the best eating places around, and we learned about a little “mom and pop” 50s style diner called Frostbite in the town of Frostproof. So our first night there, we tried it out.

Frostbite was really crowded! We literally got the last available table. People that came in right after us were put on a waiting list. I’m telling you – this place was FANTASTIC! The waitresses were very pleasant and truly hustled to get everyone served in a timely manner. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. And the ice cream! Let’s just say it’s the most delicious I have EVER tasted! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we drove by this place, it was super busy NO MATTER what the time of day was. You will just have to stop by some time to experience it for yourself.

While in Florida, we kind of had in the back of our minds that we might look for another RV (a newer model) because there are SO MANY places down here to purchase RVs (retired Snowbirds + RVs = LOTS of RV sales lots!). We have spent quite a lot of time looking ever since we got here in November. In the middle of February we finally found something we liked that was in our budget. We traded our 2009 Winnebago Latitude (it was a GREAT “starter” RV for us and will always be one of our favorites!) for a 2016 Tiffin Phaeton.

Moving from one RV to another isn’t something to take lightly. It’s like moving from one house to another but with some UNIQUE problems to be considered:

#1: You can’t really pack things in boxes ahead of time because you have NO WHERE to store the boxes.

#2: Moving into the new RV after you go through the three hour (or more) “orientation” for it doesn’t really leave you enough time left that day to transfer your belongings from the old RV to the new RV. (Note to self: If we EVER trade RVs again we WILL schedule orientation one day and moving into the new RV for the following day!) We literally transferred our belongings as fast as we could from around 1:30 p.m. to almost 8:00 p.m. which was the closing time at the RV sales place. Talk about exhaustion!

#3: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT move into a new RV with only THREE days before the first grandkid comes to visit for a week followed by the other two grandkids coming to visit the following week!! We got everything into the new RV and had to put off the rearranging to meet our needs until after all the grandkids left.

Here a few pictures of the new RV (please don’t pay attention to some of the “stuff” that is still laying around; not everything had found its place yet).

It looks black, gray and white, however, when the sun shines on it from a certain angle, it is a really pretty burgundy or egg plant color.

The section with the three drawers on the left side of the countertop pulls out for more countertop/serving area. I wish I would have taken a picture of that section pulled out. Oh, well…

We now have a half bath in the mid-section of the coach. It came in really handy while the grandkids were here.

Master bathroom with shower, full closet, and stacking washer and dryer is in the very back of the coach.

I am certain I will be rearranging things in the new RV for at least another month or so. I will be happy to do it, though, because this is a really nice coach/home.

The next blog post will tell about the grandkids visiting us.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


January in Florida

We returned to Florida from our Christmas Tour (see previous post) on January 5th. Needless to say, we were tired from our travels and all our family holiday celebrations. We took a few days to just recuperate, do laundry, and relax. Plus, we were VERY happy to be back to warmer temperatures!

On Friday, January 11th, we drove to Orlando for a very special Christmas gift: tickets to a Billy Joel concert! The gift included two tickets to the concert, an overnight stay at a condo in downtown Orlando via Airbnb, and free dog-sitting all supplied by our son who lives in Gainesville. It was a fun little “get away,” and we thoroughly enjoyed the concert and our time together! We even made our first visit to an IKEA store!

Friday, January 18th was a beautiful day with sunshine and a high in the 70s. Silver Springs was just a few miles from the RV park, so we decided to drive over there that afternoon and explore a little. We had been to Silver Springs MANY years ago, but we didn’t remember much about it except it was a spring and we rode the glass bottom boats. We walked around and enjoyed the crystal clear waters of Silver Springs and the beautiful day.

Do you remember a television show called “Sea Hunt?” It was an action adventure show starring Lloyd Bridges who played a former US Navy frogman. Did you know a large part of the show “Sea Hunt” was filmed at Silver Springs? It was! Plus, he stayed in the motel right across from the entrance to the park in room #8 (we learned that from some relatives we visited with who live about a half a mile from Silver Springs).

The very next day, January 19th, we had plans to drive to Deland, FL, and visit our friends, Connie and Bill. Some other friends from Missouri, Debbie and Kenny, were also visiting Connie and Bill. That afternoon we had plans to attend the town’s famous “Taste of Deland” street festival. Various vendors from Deland put up tents and serve samples of DELICIOUS food from their menu. For a small entry fee, we could sample anything and everything we could eat from 1:00 – 4:00. We tried ALL kinds of food: sushi, barbecue with cole slaw, shrimp with rice covered in a wonderful glaze, desserts, and MUCH more. It was a fun afternoon!

January 23rd was my birthday. Connie and Bill wanted to see our RV and come for a visit, so they drove up from Deland. We showed them the RV park and sat outside on our patio for a while and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth. We decided to go to downtown Ocala to eat lunch at Ivy on the Square. What a GREAT restaurant with reasonable prices for lunch, and the food was DELICIOUS!

On Jan. 26th we drove to Blue Spring State Park, Florida’s premiere manatee refuge. This 2,643 acre park is the winter home to more than 200 West Indian manatees (also known as American manatees). It is home to 15 natural communities, a lagoon, a north-flowing river and a first-magnitude spring. There is a one-third mile boardwalk that follows along the bank covered with shady hardwood hammock. While on the boardwalk during the winter months, one can watch manatees swim, rest, and play in the warm 72-degree waters. The park also has a campground, cabins to rent, and a hiking trail. In the summer, one can swim, tube, snorkel, picnic, barbecue, and rent a canoe or kayak. There is also a kayak tour to experience the native plants and wildlife on a two-hour river cruise.

Viewing the manatees (called sea cows) was exciting. They are gentle, giant creatures that move seamlessly through the water. The day we visited the park, there were approximately 300 manatees present. The West Indian manatee was placed on the Endangered Species List in the 1970s when there were only several hundred left. On March 30, 2017, they were reclassified from endangered to threatened as the number of sea cows had increased to over 6,000. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them!

On February 1st, we traveled to our next RV park which was about 2.5 – 3 hours south. That will be an upcoming post, so stayed tuned!

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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