Bond Falls Michigan

We are still in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. They other day we took a drive over to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit Bond Falls. We were here before in the summer of 2018 when everything was lush and green (see previous post from July, 2018). We wanted to go back this September to see the beautiful fall foliage. And, believe me, it did NOT disappoint us!

The drive was beautiful and the falls were stunning with all the different colors (keep in mind there is still a lot of green because of the MANY evergreen trees this far north).

Here are a few photos of the drive.

Here are some photos of Bond Falls with the colors of fall.

However, we have some GORGEOUS trees right in our campground straight out our RV windshield! The colorful tress’ reflection ON our windshield is pretty, also.

This picture is just for fun to show you how much Ricky and Lucy are growing.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


Back to Wisconsin

We decided to spend the month of September back in Wisconsin . We had two reasons for this decision: (1) We were hoping to see some of the Northwoods beautiful fall colors, and (2) We wanted to visit with some good friends we made here two years ago. We were planning to do this last year, however, plans were changed when my mom passed away (see posts from August and September 2019).

Our time in Wisconsin so far has been great relaxing, visiting, laughing, and working with our new puppies, Ricky and Lucy. The puppies are doing really good for their young age (they are 17 weeks old; almost 4 months) at the house breaking thing as well as learning new commands. They still have some more learning to do though. Anyway, aren’t they pretty darn cute?!

The other day we took a drive north to Lake Superior. The further north we went, the more colorful the trees became. Here are a few pictures of some of the fall foliage.

We had an enjoyable day. We even ate our lunch at a small park with a dock and swim area on Lake Superior.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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