One day Jack and I decided to visit the town of Beatty, Nevada. Beatty is a small town of about 1,150 people and is about an hour drive from Pahrump. It’s a quaint little town and had some very old, interesting buildings.

However, the most interesting thing about Beatty was when we saw was this …

A group of wild donkeys were in the middle of the town! Apparently someone inside the car was feeding them.

A short distance outside of Beatty is a ghost town. This ghost town used to be the town of Rhyolite. Rhyolite was founded in 1904 as a mining town in the Bullfrog Hills. Its history is quite fascinating. Be sure to zoom in and read some of the signs.

Ooooooo! Rattle snakes!
This is an old caboose car from the time Rhyolite was a thriving town.
One of the old box houses in which prospectors lived.

Just down the road from the ghost town, Rhyolite, is Goldwell Open Air Museum. This museum is an outdoor sculpture park located on 7.8 acres of private land. A group of prominent Belgian artists, led by the late Albert Szukalski, created outdoor sculptures that are colossal not only in their scale but in their placement within the vast upper Mojave desert. It’s great variety of permanent artworks are on display for everyone to enjoy.

This is a fascinating piece of art work. It doesn’t look like much from this angle, but as you walk closer and to the right and left sides, it takes on a COMPLETELY different look, as you will see in the following photos.
This work is titled “The Last Supper.”

On the way back home, we decided to pull in at a little truck stop area. It was an unusual kind of truck stop as you will see in the following photos.

Of course, I HAD to go into the gift shop! The store in this photo was jam-packed with Area 51 and Alien merchandise. Before I went inside I also HAD to have my picture taken with some new friends I made!

Another great day in our RV adventures!

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


P.S. OH!! I haven’t shown you pics of our Shih Tzus lately. Here are Ricky and Lucy; they LOVE to cuddle up with each other.

Ricky has the blue collar, and Lucy has the pink.
Lucy is laying on top of Ricky! I’m not sure, but Ricky kind of looks unhappy.

THIS is what we see at the end of our bed right before we turn the lights off to go to sleep! Isn’t she cute?!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Next up: Death Valley National Park!


Another day we went with our friends, Darrell and Malia, to visit the hot springs and the China Ranch Date Farm in California. None of us knew exactly how to get there (GPS is VERY spotty in the desert!). However, another friend, Renee, had been there before and knew the way. Renee was our “tour guide” for the day. She imparted a lot of knowledge about the area all day.

Here are some photos of the desert scenery we saw throughout the day.

First stop: the hot springs. Delight’s Hot Springs Resort and Tecopa Hot Springs and Resort are both located in Tecopa, CA. We looked at a hot spring out in the middle of the desert first. Then we looked at one of the resorts.

Our “guide,” Renee, is in the purple. Jack is bending over to feel the water temperature. After I put my hand in the spring, my hand felt SO soft all day!

Here are some photos of Delight’s Hot Springs Resort.

The pool is filled with water from the hot springs.
There was even an area for RVs!
The doors in this picture go to private hot spring tubs you can rent.
Inside one of the private rooms.

On to the China Date Farm! The drive through the desert was beautiful. In order to get to the date farm we had to drive down a very narrow road with high hills on each side. It felt like we were driving through a gauntlet!

Here is a little history about how the date farm came about.
The clumps of dates are covered with a tight weave mesh bag to protect them from the birds.
The bags are left open at the bottoms, and I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s to allow for drainage if it rains.
This is the area outside the bakery and store. In the store you can buy dates and date nut bread. You can also buy all sorts of souvenirs made by locals. I wasn’t sure if I liked dates, but when I tried one, I absolutely loved it. The date nut bread was fabulous. However, the best thing we ate here was the date milkshake! IT WAS THE BEST!!

Needless to say, the date farm and hot springs were VERY interesting. We had a great day!

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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