Another Day of Falls

We were down to our last week in the Duluth area, and we still hadn’t done all the sightseeing that we had planned. We had to set some priorities. We chose to visit Pattison State Park and Amnicon Falls State Park because they were both about 30 miles from us on the Wisconsin side of the harbor, and we could visit both places in one day.

Our first stop was Pattison State Park.

As the Black River passes through this park, it drops 31 feet over Little Manitou Falls, then forms Interfalls Lake, and continues on until it reaches Big Manitou Falls. Here are some pictures of Little Manitou Falls.

Big Manitou Falls’ vertical drop is 165 feet and is the highest in Wisconsin and the fourth highest east of the Rocky Mountains. Here are some pictures of Big Manitou Falls.

We thought both falls were spectacular! The brownish color of the water comes from the tannin leached from the decaying leaves and roots of vegetation along the river’s path. Black River meanders another five miles then joins the Nemadji River for the final ten mile journey to Lake Superior.

Next we drove over to Amnicon Falls State Park.

The Amnicon River flows through the park. It has produced one of the most beautiful series of waterfalls and cascades in all of the Midwest.

In the heart of the park the river separates into two streams and plunges over three waterfalls of nearly 30 feet each. During good water flow (particularly in the spring) the Amincon fills yet another channel and produces a fourth Falls (not the day we were there though 😔).

In less than two miles through the park, the river falls 180 feet as it tumbles over the rocky escarpment of the Douglas Fault. The water has the same brownish tint as the Black River because of decaying vegetation and tannic acid.

There is also a covered bridge across the river that’s pretty cool. Again, the perfect weather and the beauty of the falls and rapids made the time we spent there wonderfully relaxing.

Well, another adventure is “in the books” and posted on the blog!

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


Leif Erickson Park & Rose Garden

Downtown Duluth has a wonderful park right along the shoreline of Lake Superior off London Road. It is called Leif Erickson Park. We learned about it the day we took our boat cruise of the Duluth Harbor (see a previous blog posted on Aug. 28th, after the blog about Glenscheen posted on Sept. 3rd).

A spectacular extension of the park is Duluth’s Rose Garden. It offers over 3,000 rose bushes along with other floral delights such as a fountain, marble gazebo, an herb garden, and plenty of benches on which to sit while overlooking the beautiful blue waters of Lake Superior.

We had a beautiful, sunny day this past week, so we decided to go to this park. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I think we were at the “end” of the rose growing/blooming season, but the roses were still lovely and smelled SO good. My Grandma Zimmer (my mom’s mom) would have REALLY enjoyed the Rose Garden, especially the red roses.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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