Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

We try to take a family Christmas photo as often as we can. Considering the fact that my husband and I live in Missouri, the oldest son lives in Florida, and the youngest son and his family live in Oklahoma, it is sometimes difficult to get everyone together for a photo session.   Anyway, a few years ago, we were trying to come up with something different to do for our family photo.  Our oldest son suggested this:


My dad stood on a small, two-step ladder and took several pictures FROM ABOVE.  We loved it when we saw the photos!  We are all smiling except for our granddaughter, Kylee, who we had to wake up from her nap because the oldest son had to leave to catch his flight home.  Fortunately she didn’t cry like she normally does when she doesn’t get her “nap out.”

We even took the traditional “silly” picture!


Notice Kylee’s expression didn’t change.  Oh, well.

Photos FROM ABOVE really do change the perspective of the subject matter.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I took this photo a couple of years ago. This barn is less than one mile from my house. I pass it every time I need to go grocery shopping or run to WalMart. Different seasons bring totally different looks to this wonderful scene.

I know the challenge is “Beyond,” however, I believe beyond can also refer to all the details in the picture, whether they are in the background or the foreground. The focus is the barn. Look beyond the barn, background AND foreground to see all the interesting details surrounding this unique barn. I took the picture and knew I had the barn, trees, and flag (which is flapping in the wind) in the photo, but after I had it printed, I was amazed at all the other details that I had captured.

I hope you enjoy finding all the details (wind vane, two wagon wheels, tiller, mailbox, address plaque, two birdhouses, small garden, miniature cannon, broken limb from 2009 Ice Storm, wheat field, frayed flag edges, various blooming flowers, etc.).

‘Stevens’s barn on Two Mile Rd., Dexter, Missouri.


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