Crazy World, Crazy Times!

Staying in an RV park while under the “stay at home” order because of the COVID 19 virus, is “interesting” to say the least. We would normally be going to group gatherings, playing group games, and sitting in the evenings outside together visiting with neighbors around a campfire. Well, that’s not happening! 😔

We do go for long walks several times a day; sometimes with Zoey, sometimes without her, and sometimes all by ourselves to get some much needed “alone time.” 🙃

After a couple of weeks of staying home, we decided to go to nearby Mansfield Dam and the small park close to the dam on the Lake Travis side. The day started out hazy but later the sun came out and warmed things up. We DID keep 6 feet or more away from other people visiting the park.

Here are a few pictures from the lake side of the dam.

The park had some gorgeous little flowers blooming.

Next we went to the other side of Mansfield Dam.

This visit to the dam and park was a wonderful way to get out for an hour or so, while still doing a good job of social distancing.

To occupy all our time “at home,” we have been playing a lot of games. We like to play a card game called Three Thirteen. It is based on books and runs like in Rummy, but it is not a good two person game. Soooo, Jack and I actually play two hands each! “John” and “Barb” are each of our “second” hands. Playing order would be: Betty, John, Barb, and Jack. It was a little confusing for us at first, but it does make the game super interesting!

We also play Skip Bo, Dice 10,000, Scrabble, and Rummikub (rum-ee-cube). Rummikub is also based on runs and books like the card game Rummy, but you use tiles. There are some additional things you can do when playing your tiles, but those rules are too complicated to explain here. However, it is an awesome, FUN game for 2, 3, or 4 players. It looks like this.

I don’t know when I’ll publish my next post. With COVID 19 and everyone required to stay home, it may be a while. We are going to try to get back to Missouri where our 90-something parents are. We won’t be able to visit with them, but we can stand outside with phones in hand to talk while peering through the windows!

Please stay safe, stay home, and social distance when out for groceries. Above all, our prayer is you all will stay healthy.

So, for now ….. we are “on standby” until we can be ….. “On the Road Again!”


McKinney Falls State Park

Some time in early March (before all this COVID-19 virus and social distancing), we took a little trip to nearby McKinney Falls State Park and the Texas town of Wimberley. Unfortunately the virus starting taking over the news, and I forgot all about blogging about this adventure. Even though this is quite late, here goes.

Our whole time in Texas has been plagued by cloudy, rainy days. If I had been keeping track, I would venture to say that close to 50% of our time here has been sunless days. However, the day was gorgeous when we traveled the short distance to McKinney Falls State Park.

We had NO idea what to expect at McKinney Falls State Park. The immediate area around Onion Creek has ledges of limestone. As the creek floods each year, natural erosion creates “pools” in the limestone. It is really uniquely beautiful. We enjoyed our time hiking around the lower and upper falls.

We took a different route back to the RV because we wanted to stop in the town of Wimberley, Texas.

Wimberley was started as a trading post settlement near Cypress Creek in 1848. A gristmill was built in 1856 which was owned by several men through the years.

In 1880 a postmaster from San Marcos applied to have a post office established in the community calling it Wimbleleyville, after the last owner of the mill, Pleasant Wimberley. The application was approved, but the name was shortened to Wimberley.

The community grew and eventually became known as a resort town and was popular with tourists. In May of 2015, Wimberley was hit by catastrophic flooding along the Blanco River which flows through town.

The Main Street of Wimberley has a lot of very old buildings that have become unique little shops. Many buildings have plaques on an outside wall explaining its history. It is such a lovely town. I wish we would have had more time to explore. (We had planned on going back, but then the virus hit. 😢 )

We did have some time for our favorite thing:

We hope you all stay safe and healthy during this COVID 19 pandemic.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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