Texas and Cowboys

We returned to the RV in Sanger, TX, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The traffic was pretty heavy everywhere even though it wasn’t Black Friday. I guess there were still a lot of Black Friday sales going on all weekend. When we arrived “home,” we unpacked, did some things around the RV, and got our little shih tzu, Zoey, settled in. We ate supper out at a local Mexican restaurant (it was good food and extremely FAST service). We drove around the town and outlying areas for a little bit while it was still light. Sanger is a nice little town with a new elementary school AND a new high school. The surrounding area has a lot of REALLY nice homes.

While driving around the countryside, we stumbled across a Cowboy Church. We turned in to see if church service times were posted on the door but couldn’t find any information. As we were getting ready to turn out of the parking lot back onto the highway, a truck turned into the church parking lot. We waited and watched the truck back up to the front doors of the church. We turned around and went back to ask whoever that was about the time for church. It was actually the pastor of the Cowboy Church! He was very nice, gave us the information, and said he hoped to see us at church.

When we got back to the RV, we decided we would attend the Cowboy Church in the morning. So, our Sunday after Thanksgiving started out with church at “The Ridin’ For The Brand Cowboy Church” of Sanger, TX. They had donuts, coffee, and fellowship at 10:00 and worship service started at 10:30. It was a very informal service, very much “country style” everything, and VERY nice! The people were so friendly. Their worship band was made up of men and women of ALL ages, and they were really good! We enjoyed singing some of the old hymns with a little “country” twist. The entry of the church was set up like store fronts from an old western cowboy town. Here are a few pictures:

It was really GREAT! The pastor even welcomed us from the pulpit and told the congregation we were full-time RVers from Missouri. The “meet and greet” was a lively time, and a lot of people came and talked with us. The pastor preached a really good sermon, too. Here is a couple of pictures of the front of the church and the worship band:

I do know one thing – I will NOT tell them if I have a birthday when we are there! They have the person celebrating a birthday come up front and “ride” an approximately 3 foot tall rocking horse. What’s worse is they “dress up” the birthday person with hats, boas, and goofy glasses. We all sang “Happy Birthday” in a very “country” style to her. It was all in good fun! 😂 I would probably fall try to get on or off that rocking horse! Here’s a picture of the brave lady:


After church we went back to the RV and ate a quick sandwich for lunch because we wanted to go exploring that afternoon. We loaded up Zoey and some drinks and snacks and headed to Ray Roberts Lake. This lake was created by an earthen dam and named after a local congressman (Ray Roberts) who supported the creation of this lake and others like it. These lakes/reservoirs supply water to Cooke, Grayson, and Denton counties. We drove around and walked around various areas of Ray Roberts Lake State Park – Isle du Bois Unit. Zoey absolutely LOVED the lake area and “pranced” all around while we walked. It’s a lovely lake, and I’m sure it is super busy in the summer months. The last picture of Ray Roberts Lake is from the top of the dam as we drove across it.


After we left Ray Roberts Lake , we headed towards Pilot Point, TX. The RV place we are staying at just opened another RV park called Waggin’ Tail Ranch RV Park. This park “caters” to RVers with dogs! Many of the RV sites are actually fenced in and have gates where you back in your RV (there are some sites without fences). That would be really nice because you could sit outside and have your dog out there with you without having to have them on a leash all the time. They also have facilities were you can give your dog a bath! Needless to say, that place was full and booked up for a long time to come.

On our way over and back to Pilot Point and Waggin’ Tail Ranch RV Park we passed a lot of beautiful, big homes and ranches. Close to the RV Park there were numerous large horse ranches and boarding stables. The horses we saw were beautiful! Many of the ranches had big entry ways at the drive up to the house and horse barns. They say everything is BIG in Texas, and I am now beginning to believe that statement! We pulled over on the shoulder once so I could get a couple of pictures (these pics don’t really do justice to how beautiful the horse, houses, and ranches really were.


Well, that’s our first day of exploring northern Texas. We are back at the RV, Jack is snoozing, and I’m blogging. Oh, well. As the French say: “C’est la vie!”

So for now …. “On The Road Again!”


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