Activities Galore!

Leaf Verde RV Resort is great!  They have activities going on ALL the time.  They put out a calendar monthly with all the park activities taking place in the mornings, afternoons, and nights.  Here is the February calendar:


Some of the morning activities are:  beginner and intermediate yoga, water aerobics, walk away the pounds (a walking group), walk to coffee (another walking group that walks about a mile to McDonald’s for coffee and back), a bible study, Pétanque (a game with balls kind of like Bocco), and coffee and donuts every Friday (for a small donation).  At the Friday morning coffee and donuts, the activities director gets up and tells the group about events that are happening around the Buckeye area.  Two Saturday mornings a month they have breakfast at The Barn (a big meeting building for social events) which might be pancakes or biscuits and gravy (for a small donation).  This past Saturday we went to the pancake breakfast.  You got two, huge pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee, and it was DELICIOUS!


The pool and some of the park residents doing water aerobics.



Yep! That’s The Barn.


The Barn has a patio area with picnic tables, outdoor framed swings, outdoor heaters, a pergola, and a cactus garden (zoom in on picture to the back fence).

Afternoon activities are:  beginner yoga (for those of us that do NOT like to get up early), line dancing, water volleyball, Leaf Verde Artist Guild (they do “art-sy” activities), Crafts, Cards & Conversation (you can do crafts, play cards, or just visit), Leaf Verde Quilters, and at the end of this month, a blood drive.

Evening activities include:  Card Bingo, regular Bingo, Bunco, Texas Holdem, DJ Dance (not sure about this because we haven’t gone yet; I think it’s a dancing night), movie night, Dutch’s Music Showcase (not sure what this is; a band, maybe?), Ice Cream Social, Root Beer Float night, several pizza nights, special potlucks, and Cards & Games at least 2-3 times a week.  Put it like this, there is ALWAYS something to do around the park.  Some of these activities require you to sign up so they will know how many to expect and pay a small amount to cover the cost of food, etc.

This RV park has a unique attraction.  There is a man here that loves trains, so he built a rather large model train.  I’m not sure what the scale is, but it is outdoors by the entrance to the park.  It is still a work in progress because he and some other men work on it from time to time.  His grandson was here visiting for a few days and was going home Saturday.  The grandson wanted to see the train run, so after the pancake breakfast this past Saturday, the man “cranked it up” and ran the train.  It was pretty cool to watch.



This is where the trains and engines are stored and locked up at night.

When Jack went to coffee and donuts this past Friday morning, he learned that there was going to be an air show at the Buckeye Airport on Saturday (Feb. 3).  After we ate those delicious pancakes Saturday morning, Dennis, Mary Ann, Jack and I packed up some water and snacks along with the dogs and attended the air show.  There were vendors with all sorts of merchandise, military paraphernalia from different decades and wars, bouncy houses and zip lines for the kids,   It was a small air show, but it was very good.


All the vendors’ tents.


Plenty of things for the kids to play on.


Schedule of events for the air show.


Transport airplane used in Korean and Viet Nam wars.


Inside the transport airplane.


Inside the transport airplane.



“De plane!  De plane!  I see de plane!”


A couple of fighter jets from Luke Air Force Base flew over at the start of the air show.  Then a local lady, Cindy Irish, who is a member of the Misty Blues all female skydiving team, did a parachute jump and brought in the American flag.  Two smaller airplanes went up with the plane she was jumping out of.  These two planes did spiral circles around Cindy as she was coming down and it looked like she was falling through a spiral.  It was pretty cool looking.



The stunt flying airplanes were amazing!  I don’t have any idea how they do what they do (or WHY they do it!).  I do know that it takes hours and hours of practice and A LOT of nerve to do it!



Two planes were flying north and the other two planes were flying south right above the airport runway. They looked as if they were going to crash head-on into each other, but they passed by each other safely and VERY close together!

It was a very good air show, however, we didn’t stay until the very end because the dogs were getting hot.  Ok….WE were getting hot and hungry!  All in all, we had a great time.  The best part about the air show —- IT WAS FREE!!

So for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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