Wisconsin Northwoods

I have been a little negligent in my blog posts the last couple of weeks, and for that I sincerely apologize.  I will let you know where we are and what we have been doing in the next blog post.

This post, however, I want to devote to a place I discovered during our time in Woodruff/Minocqua, Wisconsin area.  When you are in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, you learn to live with very spotty (and sometimes total lack thereof) cell phone service.  Without a strong cell signal, it is difficult to connect to the internet, much less try to publish a blog post.

During our month-long stay in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, I tried blogging in several fast food restaurants which only became frustrating because their “free” wifi was usually a very weak signal that frequently “kicked you off” of their network.  I even tried blogging one day at a medical clinic that a new friend of ours suggested (he goes there regularly for doctor appointments and cancer treatments).  It worked fine, but I felt somewhat “conspicuous” and was waiting for someone to ask me if I needed help or for security to approach me.  As a result, I decided I needed to find some place else.

That’s when it hit me!  A public library would surely have free wifi!  I googled “public library near me” and came up with the Minocqua Public Library which was only 2+ miles from our campground.  What luck!  I visited the library several times during our month-long stay in Wisconsin.

The library was located in a huge building that housed several different city facilities, as well as the Police Department and a community room.  You could tell it was an old building (I never did discover the date it was built) that had added on some newer sections.

That library impressed me EVERY time I walked inside of it.  It was modern, clean, had sections for various age groups, and had the friendliest people working there.  It usually had quite a few people there each time I visited.  One time I was there, the place was jam-packed with people!  I had trouble finding a place to sit near an electrical outlet because it was so full of people.  Everyone seemed to be on some kind of electronic device (smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, etc.).  Then it dawned on me:  it was a cloudy, cool, rainy day “at the Lake” and everyone was wanting on the internet!  Where else to go, but the public library!! 😂

On my last visit, there, the place wasn’t very crowded and I decided to take some pictures.  On my way out, I talked with one of the ladies working there and told her how nice their library was.  I also told her we were full-time RV travelers, and I was blogging about our travel adventures.  I asked if they would mind if I blogged about their library and how great it was.  She, of course, said that would be fine.

As you can see from these photos, the Minocqua Public Library was not only an awesome library full of books and reference materials, but was a great place to relax and do my blogging.


This is the first room you walk into (the door would be on the left side of this photo).


The first room again (librarians desk on right and entrance further to the right in this photo).


When you walk straight back from the door and Librarians checkout desk, you walk into this lovely sitting/reading area.


Another angle of the sitting/reading area. Out those large windows, you can see part of the lake.


To the right of the sitting/reading area is this long walkway with more sitting/reading areas – all of which have a LOT of electrical outlets for you to use with your electronic devices.


Lots of bookshelves to your right as you walk this the long sitting/reading area.


That painting of a tree on the left marks the beginning of the children’s area.


Children’s area.


Children’s area.


More Children’s area. Behind those windows is a very large room for children’s activities.


More shelves of books. There were MANY more, but I didn’t take pics of them all.


Even an area for teens.


I loved the Minocqua Centennial wooden plaque on the top of those shelves.

If you are ever in the Woodruff/Minocqua, Wisconsin, area and have trouble accessing the internet, the Minocqua Public Library is the place to go for free wifi!

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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