When we left South Dakota, we headed west and drove into Wyoming. Oh. Emm. Gee! Wyoming is such a BEAUTIFUL state (we’ve only seen the eastern part of it though, however, I’m certain the rest of it is just as beautiful)!

Zoom in and look at this fence. We saw them everywhere. We thought it might be there to help keep the snow from drifting across the highway.

We stayed a couple of nights just outside Buffalo, WY. Buffalo is great town with an interesting “wild west” history. Buffalo is just east of the Big Horn Mountains, and we learned right away that the weather around mountains can change QUICKLY! It can be sunny with clear skies one moment, and an hour later there are black, ominous clouds coming right at you.

We just kind of relaxed while in Buffalo. We did go into downtown Buffalo one afternoon. Buffalo has a quaint historic downtown area with a lot of interesting shops.

I went in one of the nicest consignment shops I have ever been in! There is also a camping/sporting goods type store that is huge. We got a nice pair of binoculars there for a really reasonable price.

Zoom in and you will see the date (1885) of the building near the top.

Then, one of those “quick weather change” things happened. We looked up and the black clouds looked like it could storm and drop hail at any minute! With the “experience” we had with hail while in Hermosa, SD, (see “A Hail of a Day” two posts back), Jack wanted to head back to the RV to pull the slides in. We cut our visit to historic downtown Buffalo short. Oh, well. “C’est la vive!”

Our last afternoon in Buffalo, we decided to take a drive on Highway 16 West up into the Big Horn Mountains. It was partly sunny in the valley, but we could see the clouds covered the peaks of the mountains. We decided to drive only until the weather got bad. Even though it was cloudy and rainy, we could see the beauty that was there.

This stream ran right along the highway. It was beautiful. See video below.

We turned around when it began to SNOW! Look closely at the following video. The snow is the white flecks coming toward the windshield.

If you have never been to Wyoming, you just have to put it on your bucket list! Be sure to visit Buffalo. I wish we would have had more time here.

We are heading further west, so “Westward Ho!”

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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