San Antonio, Texas

When we left Aubrey (on Jan. 7th), we headed south to San Antonio. We took our time, however, this one sign made us a bit anxious.

Texans may like to run down their highways at those breakneck speeds, but we sure don’t. Especially when traveling in an RV! 😂

Anyway, as I said, we took our time. We arrived at Admirality RV Resort, set up camp, grocery shopped, cleaned “house,” and paid bills. Then we proceeded to sit for several days and watch it rain. 😑 That was ok because we were a little tired from the holidays and traveling. We rested and played games: Three Thirteen, Dice 10,000, and Rummikube. Finally the rain stopped for a few days, and we made some plans.

First we went to the famous San Antonio River Walk. It was very unique and so pretty. I bet it is even more gorgeous when the trees and flowers start budding out in spring. Here are a few photos of our stroll along the River Walk.

One day they even had some kind of market on The River Walk. The sidewalks were were lined with ALL kinds of vendors!

As we were exploring the River Walk, we realized that we were very close to The Alamo. We decided to take the self-guided tour using rental phone-like devices that we could listen to in order to learn some of the history. The rental of these “phones” was only $7.00 a piece, and they were worth the money!

As you can see from this map, there are several buildings and structures still standing.

We toured them all. There was quite a bit of restoration being done on the actual church building, plus you cannot take pictures inside that building. Here are some of the pics I took of the outside of the church and in the museum.

Under each one of these arches in this wall is an original cannon from the battle of The Alamo.

You could take pictures inside the museum.

There was SO much to see and read about in the Alamo museum that cannot possibly be portrayed in this blog. I took more pictures, but you really need to go see it all in person and learn about that part of Texas’ and Mexico’s history. Fascinating!

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


P.S. Oooops! This should have been published a couple of weeks ago! I thought I had published, but it was still in my “Drafts” folder. 🤦‍♀️ I guess “better late than never” is appropriate in this case. SORRY!!

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