On another very warm day, we went for another drive to the coast, but this time we went north of Portland, Maine. We didn’t really know where we were going; we just headed towards some small towns and seaports. We drove through several very small communities that were typically New England “quaint.”

We ended up in the town of Boothbay and at Boothbay Harbor. It was such a hot day, and even though we tried to do some shopping in the charming little shops, we gave up because the dogs were hot. Well…we were pretty hot also. 😉

We looked for a place in some shade to eat some lunch, but we weren’t having any luck. It was noon and everyone was eating lunch out. There was a man at the entrance to a restaurant that we hadn’t even considered because of the dogs. He saw Ricky and Lucy in their double doggie stroller and fell in love with them immediately. He invited us into the restaurant; we said we have the dogs, and he said that was just fine. So, we ate a delicious lunch at a restaurant called Taka, in the air conditioning (we didn’t have to sit outside on the dock 😃), and right on the harbor with a fantastic view.

We drove around the harbor and the town after lunch. Boothbay is a quaint town and a busy harbor.

We left Boothbay and headed to Pemaquid Point. It didn’t seem that far away from Boothbay on the map (if you are a crow, that is!), so it took us a while to drive there. There was a lighthouse there we wanted to see. It was definitely worth the time to get there!

From left to right: Ricky, Lucy, and Jack.
It’s sad thinking about where a lighthouse is built. It’s usually a dangerous stretch of coastline where several ships have wrecked upon the rocks.
The view from that height was stunning!
There was a free museum on the lower level of the house which had some very interesting displays about lobsters and sailing the Maine coast.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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