Deer Hunters’ / Girls’ Weekend

I fully intended to post pictures of the special “Deer Hunters’/Girls’ Weekend” sooner than this, but HEY!… happens.  Things have been SO hectic since the opening of Deer Season last weekend, and I’m just now able to find the time to write a new post.

A week ago Friday evening my husband met up with his B-I-L, nephew, our youngest son, and our grandson, Jackson.  They were headed to the deer woods (aka: the family farm) for the opening of deer season in our state.  They were “camping out” (in the barn/bunk house) and going to live like real hunters of years gone by (a-hem…..well, sort of!).  My D-I-L, granddaughters, and S-I-L were headed to my house for a “Girls’ Weekend.”  LET THE FUN BEGIN!

They all arrived at my house by supper time.  I had planned “easy” meals, so I wouldn’t have to be stuck in the kitchen all weekend.  We talked and laughed for part of the evening while the granddaughters played.  Later the granddaughters chose a movie for us to watch.  It was a thoroughly enjoying evening.  However, when we woke up Saturday morning, we found out that the oldest granddaughter, Jade, had been up most of the night (along with her mom who was trying to help her) with a stomach “bug.”  You know how that goes: when you’re the Mom, you would rather YOU be sick instead of your kids.

Needless to say, our Saturday plans were changed.  Instead of all of us going on a shopping trip and movie at the theater, my S-I-L, youngest granddaughter, and I just did a little shopping around town.  We first went to a locally owned store called The Country Cottage.  They have the cutest most unique country decorations, delicious smelling diffusers, baby gifts, boxed bread and dip mixes, and just about anything you might want desire.  The best part was To our pleasant surprise, they already had their shop decorated for Christmas. Here’s my granddaughter, Kylee, enjoying all the Christmas decorations.

OMGoodness!  She looks so big and grownup in this picture!

Next we went to a local flea market.  My S-I-L likes to thoroughly enjoys visiting flea markets and yard sales.  She likes to pick up special items to “repurpose” and sell in her booth at a flea market where she lives.  I must admit, I am a tad immensely envious of her bargain shopping ability, her creativity, and her crafting expertise!  You should see some of the things she has made!!  She has a blog you might want to visit to get some wonderful ideas. The blog is called Thymeless Sage and Random Rants.  The web address is:   I really think you’ll enjoy her blog.

My granddaughter was very patient with us at the flea market and was very well-behaved.  It might have had a little to do with the fact that we said she could pick a little something out to buy for herself (as long as it wasn’t too expensive) if she was “patient” with us while we shopped!  She quickly found what she wanted (along with a little “gift” for her sick sister at home – isn’t she a sweety!), but we didn’t let her get it until it was time to pay for our things the treasures we found and leave.

The next stop was an unusual shoe store we have in our town.  It’s called Nearly Perfect because the shoes come in from all over this region as “mismatched” shoes (shoes come from stores that have sold customers a right shoe of one size and a left shoe of another size, that have shoes come in damaged, etc.).  The warehouse sorts through them all and matches them up with the same shoe and size.  Sometimes a shoe might be a little scuffed up and they have repaired and polished it, one shoe in the pair might be a half size different, or shoe laces need replacing.  As a result, these shoes are marked down considerably!   I can buy ladies tennis shoes (Nike, Avia, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Keds — all kinds of name brands!) for about $26-$32!!  In the last couple weeks I have purchased 2 pairs of Life Stride (VERY comfortable) dressy flats for $26 each.  Just this week I bought a pair of black, knee-high dress boots which are quite stylish for $35 (also Life Stride and VERY comfortable).  While we were there, I got Kylee a cute pair of tennis shoes (Sketchers) for $26, and she helped me pick out a pair of shoes for Jade (with the help of her mom via cell phone texts and pics!) for $24.  Whenever family come to visit us, they always want to go to Nearly Perfect to shoe shop.  With those prices, who wouldn’t want to shop there!

By Saturday evening Jade was feeling some better, however, we spent a quiet evening at home playing Chutes and Ladders and watching kid movies (well, the adults visited more than watched!).  Sunday morning Jade was finally able to keep a little toast down, and she was feeling herself again.  PTL!!  My S-I-L had to begin her trip home right after breakfast, so we said our farewells.  I wish she could have stayed longer.  Sunday afternoon the deer hunters came home, unloaded most of their stuff, and got cleaned up.  Jade was feeling just fine by now, so we took the grandkids to see the late afternoon showing of Wreck-It Ralph.  That was a really cute movie!  Sunday evening we listened to all the deer hunting stories.  Here are just a few of the deer hunting pictures (I don’t want to bore you too much).

Deer hunting with Dad is so cool!

Grandson, Jackson. Isn’t he cute in his hunting gear?!

You can’t camp without having S’Mores!

Jackson admiring his Great-Uncle’s deer….I think!

Late Sunday night In the “wee” hours of Monday morning, Kylee and her mom “caught” Jade’s bug…Oh, NO!  They were to leave for home Monday morning, but their departure was somewhat delayed until they felt a little better.  It was almost noon by the time they thought they could travel.

Even though the weekend didn’t go exactly as planned (could have done WITHOUT the flu bug!), we had a good time.  I can’t wait for their next visit!