We decided to get out of the RV today (July 17th) and just drive. Since we had gone north several times, we decided to go south towards the coastal town called Ogunquit.

We went south on I 95 for almost 30 miles. Then we took a local road over to the coast. We discovered we were in Wells, Maine, and drove along on Ocean Ave. We couldn’t see the ocean that was just on the other side of the beautiful houses because they were all built up high and on a little hill. There were SO MANY people driving and walking on this road! They were all headed to the beach because it was 86 degrees already and the high was supposed to reach the mid to low nineties. I was disappointed we couldn’t see the beach.

We kept driving south on State Highway 1 towards Ogunquit. We weren’t prepared for the town of Ogunquit! It is a quaint seaside town with a lot of shops; just what you would imagine for a town in Maine on the ocean. We were totally surprised by ALL. THE. PEOPLE!! It was so crowded, no place to park, and the traffic just crawled along the main street through town. Quite frankly, with so many people walking everywhere and stepping out in front of cars, I was too stressed to even take pictures. I would have loved to stop, walk around, and go into some of those cute shops, but it was impossible. So, we drove on through and just enjoyed looking at it all.

Next stop: Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse. This was a unique lighthouse because it was on a little island just off shore. No one could get on the island or to the lighthouse except the lighthouse keepers. It was a beautiful setting!

Blue dot circled with red is where our campground is. Wells and Ogunquit are underlined with red. The purple circle and arrow are where the lighthouse is. Do you see that little peninsula? The island with the lighthouse is just off the tip of the peninsula.

The lighthouse was stunning, and the viewing area was really nice. If you look closely and zoom in, several of my photos have seagulls in them. A couple of pics even caught three seagulls in flight!

See that little white gondola thing hanging from the cables? That is how the lighthouse keepers and all their supplies get over there.
If you zoom in on the white gondola, you can see where a couple of bags were loaded into the gondola.
The University of New Hampshire uses this area for scuba diving and conducting underwater research. 🤓🔬

All in all, it was a gorgeous day!

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”