Yellowstone National Park: Part 6

Friday, June 28th, we decided to drive from the West Entrance of the park to the South Entrance. We had not traveled the road from Old Faithful to the South Entrance. We knew there wasn’t a lot of things to stop and see from studying the park map, but we wanted to say we had been over all the park on all roads accessible by visitors’ vehicles.

A few miles passed the south entrance to Yellowstone is the most northern part of Grand Teton National Park. We will be visiting Grand Teton in the next couple of weeks, but we decided to drive a little ways into the north part of the park. We didn’t have a lot of time because we had to drive back home. However, we did enjoy the beautiful views. We look forward to exploring more of this park soon.

As people who grew up in Missouri (the Midwest), my husband and I have always paid attention to TV news reports regarding wildfires out west. We were always saddened by the reports of thousands of acres of forests being burned. As we’ve traveled through various parks (Custer State Park in South Dakota, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and other national forests), we have seen the devastation of these fires; some the fire destroyed forests date as far back as 1988! I just wanted to share a few pictures of some of the burned areas we saw this day as a reminder to all people, all over the country, when outdoors camping or picnicking, PLEASE be sure your campfire is completely out!

Look at ALL the burned trees along both sides of the road! It was sad to drive through that area.

On our drive home through Yellowstone, we decided to stop at Midway Geyser Basin. We had driven by it a couple of times before. It was always packed with people, so we didn’t stop. It was fairly busy this day, also, and we almost didn’t stop. At the last second, I told Jack to pull in and stop. I AM SOOOO GLAD WE DID! I would have regretted missing the hot Springs and geysers in this location. It was gorgeous! Again, the photos can never do the true beauty justice.

It was SO windy that day and we saw A LOT of hats that people “lost.” People are not allowed to walk off the boardwalks in a thermal area because it is too dangerous.

On the last section of road in Yellowstone, there is a short, side road called Riverside Drive (Yep! It goes right along the Madison River for a couple of miles). We took that little side road, stopped a couple of times and enjoyed the quiet of the wilderness, and even saw some wildlife.

There is a male elk on the island.

There were several female elk with babies in this meadow.

Zoom in to the left of the two adult elk (to the left side of the island). If you look closely, you can see the ears of a baby.

Another male elk enjoying the grass along the side of the road.

Can you see the velvet on his antlers?

All in all, today’s trip was a huge success.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”