My Newest Adventure

It’s almost the end of the second week of September.  Where has the summer gone?  After a delightfully lazy relaxing summer and inquiries into several options, I have decided to go to work at the bank (part-time, of course!) where my husband works.

The bank that my husband runs is converting all their loan files to a computerized e-file program.  Documents in the active files need to be scanned and put in the computer program under the appropriate file.  I will be scanning and “e-filing” until all files have been put in the computer.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!  I even have a fancy title:  Document Imaging Coordinator (my husband has such a creative mind!).  I started  learning the program and how to scan files earlier this week.  We (another lady and I) really just “played around” with it until things started making sense.  Today we started setting up our templates, and tomorrow we should be able to finish all of them.  After completing the templates, we should be ready to go full-steam ahead!  What files we have scanned as we “experimented” with the program will have to have some changes made to them, but that shouldn’t be too bad.

Next week, after we have scanned a few more files and “worked out all the kinks,” I will be going to the other two banks (in neighboring towns).  I will be working with their scanning personnel to help them learn the program.

Since this is a part-time job and my husband is the boss, my hours will be flexible (YEA!).  When all the files have been scanned, my job will most likely be over.

HERE’S A FUNNY THOUGHT:  I’m actually “sleeping” with the boss!  LOL! — NEVER in my WHOLE life did I EVER think I’d be saying THOSE words!!  I’ve only been married to “the boss” for 37 years!

I’ve never worked at the same place as my husband.  I told him if this caused any problems whatsoever (for him or any of the employees), I would quit aftering training someone new.  He agreed.

I always knew that when I retired from teaching, I would find something to do.  I just didn’t know “what” that would be.  After this job ends, I will certainly find something else!

So much for my so-called “retirement!”  LOL  😉

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  1. thymelesssageandrandonrants
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 02:58:25

    Congratulations. I think. You can still be the boss at home, right?


  2. bhuffman1953
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 03:38:33

    Lol! Oh, yes, I am DEFINITELY still the boss at home. 🙂


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