Time Flies!

My!!  Where has the past month gone?  I didn’t even realize it had been a month since my last post.  Obviously, I have been busy doing a variety of things.  The most exciting thing that has happened this past month was V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!

I had always said that when I retired from teaching I wanted to take a vacation to the New England states in the fall when all my “teacher friends” had to go back to school.  Since I turned in my resignation last November, my husband and I had been planning to do just that.  After several weeks of trying to plan what city to fly into, where to rent a car, how far to drive before we stopped, how many days to stay in each location we wanted to visit, where to go, and what to see and do, I threw up my hands in frustration, filled with stress and said, “I just can’t do this!!”  That’s when the hubby gently suggested that we book a New England/Canada cruise.  After pondering this for a few days, OK, a couple of weeks, and trying to erase the image in my mind that cruises were full of sunshine and sandy beaches, I agreed.  We quickly booked the cruise (it was almost full!) and airline flights we wanted.  Now I could “officially” get excited.

We cruised the first week of October on Princess Cruise Line and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia; St. John, New Brunswick; Bar Harbor, Maine; Boston, Massachusetts; and Newport, Rhode Island.  It was absolutely wonderful and relaxing.  We did enjoy some fall foliage, however, our tour guides said the fall foliage colors would probably “pop” out in the next week.  They also said you can never really tell from one year to the next.  Oh, well, we had a great time, and I will only “bore” you with just a few pictures.

Our beautiful ship, the Caribbean Princess.  It had 18 levels that passengers could access.

Leaving New York Harbor…the vacation has officially begun!

On a fishing boat docked at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Just having a little fun in Halifax.

Now, THIS is what I call RELAXING!

The harbor at St. John, New Brunswick.

This is a picture of the St. John River running backwards at high tide.

We took a river boat cruise up the St. John River.

Bar Harbor, Maine

We did see some beautiful fall foliage on our tour through Acadia National Park.

View from the highest point in Acadia National Park.

Of COURSE, we had lobster in Maine!!

What would a cruise be without a party?  What fun!

Standing on the Old North Bridge (outside of Boston) at the site of the Battle of Concord, the first battle of the American Revolution, and “the shot heard ’round the world.”

“One if by land; two if by sea” was the message the church caretaker was to relay with lanterns from the steeple.  This is the old North Church where Paul Revere got the message that the British soldiers were coming by sea.

The area of Boston Harbor where the Boston Tea Party took place.  This is a replica of one of the British ships that colonists, dressed as Indians, boarded and dumped the English tea into the harbor.

Boston and the surrounding area is a place RICH in American history, and where else to study it than at Harvard University!

Just one of the “smaller” yachts in Newport, Rhode Island’s harbor.

Newport is known for the summer “cottages” of the very rich.  This is The Breakers, a 30 bedroom mansion, built by the Vanderbilt’s in the 1930’s.

The Marble House, another Vanderbilt “cottage” in Newport.

Just a small section of Newport’s beautiful coastline from The Marble House’s backyard.

View from the plane on our flight home.

We had a wonderful vacation.  However, as usual, all good things come to an end.  We arrived home with a couple of days to “crash,” do laundry, and try to “gear up” for going back to work.  Ugh!

So, life has gotten back to normal, whatever THAT is.  We are back to work and the everyday grind.  Nice to know some things never change.  I’ll try to not take so much time between posts! 🙂

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  1. thymelesssageandrandomrants
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 11:24:28

    Now that would be my kind of cruise rather than the sand and sun! Have you started your work at the bank?


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