Idaho Falls, Idaho

We have stayed at a very busy but very nice RV park on the northwest side of Idaho Falls for the last two weeks. During that time we made our trip over to Jackson, WY, and visited Grand Teton National Park (see previous post). The rest of the time we have relaxed, taken care of daily chores around the RV, and, of course, paid all our bills online (yes, you do still have chores, bills, etc. when you are a full-time RVers).

If you are ever near Idaho Falls, it is worth the time to stop for a couple of days and see this town. Downtown you will find a series of falls. While not very high or forceful, they are absolutely gorgeous and so relaxing to sit and listen to.

While exploring the falls, be sure to walk both upstream and downstream from the Broadway bridge. Downstream you will want to take the footbridge across to the island. The community has taken this island and turned it into a lovely Japanese Garden.

There is a small park upstream with benches so you can sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the falls. There are also several picnic tables and places where you can just spread out a blanket in the shade and relax. There is also this amazing sculpture. Now THAT is a big moose!

We packed up this morning and are heading out of Idaho Falls. Next destination: somewhere a little further west. Can you guess where?

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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