Woodstock, New Hampshire – NO! Not THAT Woodstock!

We left Maine and drove the RV to Woodstock, New Hampshire on July 26. It was a nice day to travel; NO rain for a change! 🤣

We are at a KOA campground south of Woodstock that is fabulous for families and kids. There is a playground, a big air filled jumping “trampoline,” mini golf, horseshoes, swimming pool, park train rides, and park fire engine rides (in a real fire truck!). There is so much to do here just in the campground!

The day after we arrived, we took a drive to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. It is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States reaching an elevation of 6,288 feet. It is also the most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River.

Unfortunately it was an overcast day (we think it’s from all the fires out west), but it was still a great trip. You can drive up Mount Washington Auto Road (a 7.6 mile private road originally built in 1861), or you can take the Mount Washington Cog Railway (built in 1868 and it is the world’s first mountain-climbing rack and pinion cog railway) to the summit. We drove up Mt. Washington Auto Road. This is a private road and you are charged a fee to drive up it. The fee is quite high; it was $59.00 for our car and two adults but no charge for two puppies (Oh, well; we will only do it once in our lifetime!)

Some of the scenery along the way.
Starting up Mount Washington Auto Road.
Beautiful! Even with hazy skies.
The Auto Road above the tree line – getting closer to the top.
If you zoom in, you can see the road curve left then curve back right. At that point you can see how many cars are ahead of us!
Getting there …
… ALMOST there ….
… THE SUMMIT! I wonder how they got such big parking lots up here?! 😉
This is very interesting!
Jack didn’t want to brave the cold temps and high winds and stayed in the car with the dogs. I went the the very, tip top summit. Look at that hair being blown back! That is an official “wind blown” look that was so popular back in the 1980s. 🤣
The stairs one had to climb up (and descend) from the parking lots to reach the summit.
The railway cog train from the bottom of the stairs.
As we drive down from the summit THAT is the road we will be on!
Our ride down. Yes, I clawed the arm rest under the window all the way down!
Ski slopes on another mountain.

On the way back to the RV, we drove through the town of North Woodstock. There is this general store there owned by the Fadden family. The Fadden family has been harvesting maple sap and producing syrup since the early 1800s. The Fadden General Store and Sugarhouse has been open since 1896. Here are some pictures of the general store and the town.

Fadden’s General Store.
Inside the general store.
Can you see the jugs of maple syrup under the sign “Fadden’s Sugar House! I bought one jug, and, believe me, is was NOT cheap!

This was a fun day. New Hampshire is a beautiful state.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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