On July 28th, we got up and discussed our plans for the day. On a whim, we decided to do something TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. I won’t tell you exactly what we are doing, but I will tell you this: We had planned to drive over to Vermont just to see some of it, but we drove all the way across Vermont instead. Vermont is one GORGEOUS state!!

Our first stop was just inside the Vermont state line at a rest stop/welcome center. It was a nice facility staffed with a very kind, helpful man. Outside it had an “unusual” piece of American history as you will see in the pics below.

Could this be the phone booth that Superman changed in?

We drove through the countryside until we reached the capital of Vermont, Montpelier. It is a lovely small town with some very interesting buildings and houses, and the capitol building is stunning.

Montpelier has SOOOO many unique looking houses like these!
A view of the capitol from the bridge as we crossed the river.

We wanted to eat lunch in Montpelier at one of the street side outdoor eating places, but it was so busy and there were NO places available in which to park. After driving around, back and forth, for quite some time, we gave up. Instead, we drove down the highway a little further and found a town called Waterbury. In that quaint little town, we found a little place called Park Row Cafe. The cafe didn’t look like much, BUT they had THE BEST hamburgers we have eaten in a very long time! We got our order “to go” and walked across the street and ate in the town park. It was a lovely day and a beautiful park right by the old train station.

After lunch we headed west towards Lake Champlain. There are several places to cross the lake. Several of them require a ferry ride across the lake. We decided to drive north along the lake and cross at the northern most crossing. Here we could cross via two bridges.

In the middle of the second bridge is this sign.

Welcome to the state of New York! The first intersection we came to after getting off the bridge had this sign.

When we looked right, we could see the Canadian border crossing!

We spent the night in Malone, New York. Tomorrow we go to our destination to visit an historic site.

So, for now ….. “On the Road Again!”


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